Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is often defined as an e-contract record where certain rules are set alongside the altered arrangements identified with electronic archives in different rules. Any digital or physical signature does not hold any importance in the privacy policy. It is an authoritative archive, which both the TopChatlines and the members of this phone chatline need to follow. The members of this phone dating and chatting platform must acknowledge the terms referenced in this policy and it is simply after their acknowledgment that strategy terms will be successful. The connection between the organization and its sites’ clients are managed by the terms of policy that is clearly stated.

The policies are confined precisely as per the Information Technology act 2000 and are distributed for gathering, use, transferring and storing of individual information or data.

The visitors and members can require reading the entire privacy policy in details and accepting it before they agree to use the website for their own needs. It is always better to go through each and every aspect mentioned in the policy in details, understand it and then accept the policy. Users are encouraged to cease from this site in the event that they don’t concur with the terms of the stated privacy policy.

By utilizing the site or its features or by sharing your data, you consent to the handling, processing and collection of both personal as well as non-personal data by the site as expressed in the protection strategy. However, these stated factors create any problems or issues to you or any other concerned person in anyways.

User Information

Those coming to this phone chatline company have to enrich us with certain information such as the name of the visitor, their personal email address, age, sex, area or Pin code, medical history and any other relevant information. All these are required for the registration process to complete. This, in turn, will lead to enhancing the user-friendly experience for other users who will visit the website in the future.

The data required is subject to the service and the data may be utilized to ensure, keep up, improve services and for presenting new benefits.


In order to increase the users’ responsiveness, our site use cookies that help to collect information. Besides, it also allocates a unique and random number to each visitor visiting the website. This unique identification number will help us in understanding the exact needs of the visitors. Also, this is to bring to your notice that although cookies are used, we won’t be able to read any information stored in the hard drive of your digital device. Furthermore, this is also a fact that the chatline companies registered with us may use cookies for your browser. In that case, we do not have any access to control it.

Once you visit our website, your IP address is consequently collected by our own servers however; it will never disclose your identity to us. This is done to understand your customized need for web pages, to quantify the traffic. Like this, associates will come to know about locations from which maximum visitors are coming to your website.

Connections to Other Sites

The privacy policy is governed by this website only. Whatever links are provided here will have no connection with any sites that you use it for any reasons.

Data Sharing

You must know that at times, sensitive and critical personal data might be shared with any third party without seeking prior consent from you under circumstances like:

  • In the event that if the data is legally necessary, by the court, by a government office or expert for the personality check reason. Additionally, if the data is required for the location, counteractive action, examination or for indictment and discipline of offenses, then it can be shared with the 3rd-party. The disclosures are figured in the conviction that it is essential for authorizing these terms and to maintain the needed laws and guidelines.
  • There are chances that personal information is likely to be shared with associated registered companies as well their professional team who might be looking for your information on your behalf. However, recipients of such information do have certain set instructions, concerning security and privacy measures.

Data Security

To anticipate unapproved access or adjustment, exposure or pulverization of information we receive flawless safety efforts like surveys of information accumulation, stockpiling, handling practices and safety efforts like immaculate encryption and physical safety efforts to avoid avert unapproved access to the system where individual information are put away.

The site data is put away securely inside the controlled database verified by a firewall. The server access is constrained and is secured with a secret word. Regardless of how powerful safety efforts are nevertheless no security framework is impervious, subsequently, we don’t guarantee the security of our database just as of your data that it won’t be captured or transmitted over the Internet. Data posted by you in the discussion panel or reviews given by you are open for all.

Complaint Redressal

Rupturing of any of these terms and any objection or misuse identified with remark or content will be promptly sent on the spot to the concerned complaint officer via email with a digital signature to show its authenticity.