Terms of Usage

Every user visiting this website must read and understand the Terms of Use explained here for flawless enjoyment. At any given point of time while reading, if you don’t accept anything, you may leave the site. TopChatlines as well as it’s business associates or any other subsidiaries may change, alter or delete any Terms and Conditions. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to all users to visit this page of the website regularly so that they can remain updated for any changes.


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(A) Security Rules

  1. Visitors are requested not to overrule security of the website in addition to the below-listed limitations:
  2. Accessing any data, login into account or server that is strictly not intended for users.
  3. Probe, test or scan or breach authentication or system vulnerability that is not for authorized to users.
  4. Never send any unsolicited emails, promotions of any products/services to anyone.

Any violation of the security measures may lead you to become eligible for criminal cases and TopChatlines reserves the right to further proceed for any type of investigation of any suspicious or fraudulent activities. If someone found violating any kind of rule, he/she will become liable to face corporate law and other relevant lawful act in such cases.

(B) General Rules

  • Those visitors who want to distribute, destroy, transmit or even destroy content or material from the chatline website are not allowed to do so as:
  • This may provoke such conducts that may be offensive or criminal or disturb any set law, rules and regulations.
  • It will invade the trade-secret, copyright, violate the privacy or intellectual property rights of any others.


The users should give their content to remain harmless with no issue with organization, its representatives, officials, chiefs, specialists against any case, activity or request, obligation, misfortune or harm at all emerging or coming about because of their utilization of TopChatlines or their break of the terms.


Users should be ready to accept that neither TopChatlines nor any of its registered companies, employee, directors or officers will take responsibility for any kind of direct and/or indirect or special and/or incidental and/or exemplary or consequential damages that may result from usage or inability to use any kind of service and many others, even if TopChatlines has been advised of the chances of having such damages.

Client agrees that TopChatlines will not take any kind of responsibility in any case to anyone or for that matter to the user for the code of conduct or statements made by the third party of the services being offered to you. In addition to this, under any circumstances the total liability of the Company to any users for all loses or damages, causes of action surpass the sum paid by the User to TopChatlines, if any that is identified with the reason for the activity.


Under no circumstances, Company or any associated parties, entities or organizations linked with brand presented in the website will be responsible for any type of damages that results from its usage or failure to use materials presented on the website, regardless of whether dependent on guarantee, contract or some other legitimate hypothesis, and whether, such company or partners were educated concerning the probability of such harms.